Washroom Cleaning Accessories

Whether you are a housekeeper or a professional washroom janitor, we have a large selection of accessories you will need to get the washroom cleaning job done, from the humble rubber household glove to professional mops and buckets, from companies such as SYR, Vileda and 3M.

We regularly supply janitorial professionals with bulk volumes - give us a call to find out which commercial products we can supply to your cleaning cupboard, on 01923 839039.

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£2.15 exc VAT
£3.55 exc VAT

Tag Fresh Apple - Tub of 20

Product Code: TAGFA

£31.95 exc VAT
£22.15 exc VAT
£4.02 exc VAT

Grout Brush Stiff (Blue)

Product Code: B1606

£3.96 exc VAT
£16.45 exc VAT

Erasall Pads (Pack of 10)

Product Code: S006E

£5.25 exc VAT

Grout Brush Handle ALH7

Product Code: GRO001H

£10.37 exc VAT
£31.99 exc VAT

Pad Holder & Interchange Handle

Product Code: F071COMP

£21.65 exc VAT