Kitchen Degreasers

Although we keep a large stock of household favourite brand names for the domestic market, we are predominantly professional cleaning suppliers - our range of kitchen cleaners and degreasers includes some of the highest quality products, in varying degrees of bulk supply.  Our brands are industry leaders, and are well known in cleaning and facilities backgrounds - they include Clover Chemicals, Selden and HG Hagesan - our products are sold to industrial kitchens and plant environments in every type of establishment.

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£10.65 exc VAT

Quattro Q-Max Blue Heavy duty 5litre

Product Code: QMAXBLU5L

£9.50 exc VAT
£16.45 exc VAT
£6.35 exc VAT
£4.05 exc VAT

Mr Muscle Kitchen Cleaner 6x750ml

Product Code: C157/750

£23.85 exc VAT

DD10 Detergent Degreaser 5litre

Product Code: DD10/5

£7.90 exc VAT
£10.79 exc VAT
£7.99 exc VAT
£36.95 exc VAT
£37.58 exc VAT