Hand Washing Up Detergent

Washing up detergent can vary dramatically in price and quality, but is one industry in which branded products are definitely an investment.  We stock brand names such as Fairy Liquid, enviromentally friendly and economy options, for domestic and professional use.

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£1.25 exc VAT
£6.99 exc VAT

Fairy Liquid 900ml (single)

Product Code: FAI004/E

£3.26 exc VAT

Fairy Liquid 6x900ml

Product Code: FAI004/900

£18.42 exc VAT

Fairy Liquid Professional 5litre

Product Code: FAI002

£18.20 exc VAT
£16.45 exc VAT
£2.63 exc VAT
£28.50 exc VAT

Dish-Bac Dishwash Liquid 5litre

Product Code: D052/5

£9.31 exc VAT
£3.58 exc VAT