Carpet Cleaning Accessories

You may have the best cleaning chemicals to wash your carpet or remove troublesome stains, but if you do not have the correct application accessories, you will find the task more difficult and less effective.

There is a wide range of accessories available to help you clean your carpet, from rakes and boffin brushes to protective items, such as floor pads and overshoes; we stock most of the items you can think of to help clean your carpet, and protect it whilst you are doing so.

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£19.99 exc VAT
£76.08 exc VAT

Blue 16-inch Shoe Cover 1x100

Product Code: O058

£4.50 exc VAT
£9.99 exc VAT

Prochem Spotting Brush

Product Code: C104

£3.36 exc VAT

Nylon hand brush for carpets

Product Code: C106

£6.44 exc VAT
£1.99 exc VAT

Prochem 18-inch pile brush with handle

Product Code: C140/COMPLETE

£34.00 exc VAT

Chewing Gum Perforator

Product Code: CA3401

£23.50 exc VAT
£3.36 exc VAT
£19.98 exc VAT

Tampico Upholstery Brush

Product Code: C105

£7.18 exc VAT