Urine Neutralizers

The acid content of urine can ruin your carpet and upholstery permanently, and leave a stubbornly lingering odour, if it is not tackled quickly.  Whether you have pets or children in a domestic environment, require a professional product for the care industry, or are treating the fabric in your car, we can advise you exactly what you will need to ensure that the next time a little accident threatens to ruin your carpet, you will be prepared.


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£18.06 exc VAT
£12.96 exc VAT

Prochem Neutra-Soft 5litre

Product Code: B112

£16.36 exc VAT

Prochem Urine Neutraliser 5litre

Product Code: B153/5

£11.86 exc VAT
£6.76 exc VAT
£10.11 exc VAT
£8.73 exc VAT
£5.74 exc VAT

The Prochem Essentials Kit

Product Code: PROCKIT1

£34.77 exc VAT

The Prochem Magnificent Seven Kit

Product Code: PROCKIT2

£113.39 exc VAT