Kentucky Mop Buckets

Mop buckets are not all the same.  Most domestic cleaners are likely to use the standard plastic wringer type, while professional operatives commonly use pails such as the SYR Ladybug or TC20, or galvanized steel kinds.  The wringer type also needs to reflect whether you are using a socket or kentucky mop.  If you have any questions please give us a call on 01923 839039.

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Lady Combo with 2-inch Castors - BLUE

Product Code: B057/BLU

£29.18 exc VAT
£29.18 exc VAT

Lady Combo with 2-inch Castors - RED

Product Code: B057/RED

£29.18 exc VAT
£29.18 exc VAT

SYR Trad/TC20 bucket grid

Product Code: B090GRI

£3.31 exc VAT