Belts, Bags and Pouches

The professional window cleaner has a supply of essential tools at his disposal, including scrapers, squeegees, washers and liquid, plus, often, much more.  Clearly, particularly if scaling ladders all day long, these materials can't be carried in a shopping bag.

We supply a range of top quality utility belts and pouches from well known brands Unger and Ettore, specifically designed for the convenience and comfort of the professional window cleaner.

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Ergotec Belt System - Toolbelt

Product Code: ERBT01

£21.71 exc VAT
£19.66 exc VAT

Unger NINJA Bucket-on-a-Belt

Product Code: W052B

£21.87 exc VAT

Unger Window Cleaning Belt

Product Code: W117

£20.84 exc VAT

Unger Bucket-on-a-Belt Classic

Product Code: W052STD

£21.87 exc VAT