Carpet and Fabric Detergents

Whether you are using a sponge, cloth, extraction cleaner or a rotary machine, we have a great range of carpet cleaning detergents, ideal for all conditions, for your carpet at home, or in high traffic retail and office environments.

As well as regular maintainers, we also stock thousands of stain removal products, from the best brands, such as Craftex, HG Hagesan, Clover Chemicals and Prochem.

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Prochem Extraction Plus 5litre

Product Code: S775/5

£14.41 exc VAT
£26.56 exc VAT
£7.86 exc VAT
£18.06 exc VAT
£8.88 exc VAT
£9.41 exc VAT
£12.96 exc VAT

Prochem Crystal Green 4kilo

Product Code: S777

£53.98 exc VAT

Prochem Fibre Shampoo 5litre

Product Code: B105/5

£29.33 exc VAT
£10.25 exc VAT

Prochem Double Clean 4kilo

Product Code: S776

£55.21 exc VAT

Prochem Fibresafe Gold 4kilo

Product Code: S780

£49.94 exc VAT