Ink & Dye Removal

Removing ink and dye from carpets is not an easy task, however, here at Complex Cleaning Supplies we have a few solvent products that can help, from top professional cleaning brands including Craftex, Prochem and HG Hagesan.

If you need any assistance please call our customer service team on 01923 839 039

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£5.90 exc VAT

Prochem Red Rx 1litre

Product Code: E400

£15.94 exc VAT

Prochem Solvex 1litre

Product Code: A277

£29.96 exc VAT
£10.80 exc VAT

Prochem Ink Solv 500ml

Product Code: E848

£12.32 exc VAT
£7.01 exc VAT

Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster

Product Code: CR0067

£16.54 exc VAT