Carpet and Fabric Presprays

Presprays for your carpet serve a number of different functions, including stain spotting, pre-washing and loosening dirt.  They can be applied by hand, using a sponge or a brush, or using a sprayer.

Our brands include HG Hagesan, Prochem, Craftex and Clover Chemicals, among others.

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£16.36 exc VAT

Prochem Pure Clean 4kilo

Product Code: C409

£48.03 exc VAT
£58.44 exc VAT
£22.53 exc VAT
£11.25 exc VAT
£36.75 exc VAT

Craftex Pre-Enzyme Solution 5litre

Product Code: CR0042

£15.16 exc VAT
£10.80 exc VAT

Prochem Prespray Gold 5litre

Product Code: B107

£38.67 exc VAT

Prochem Fabric Restorer 5litre

Product Code: B108

£43.99 exc VAT
£11.25 exc VAT

2SAN Champion 5litre (was Craftex)

Product Code: CR0033

£10.80 exc VAT