Paper Napkins

Napkins are available in a surprisingly large number of styles and colours, which are suitable for a range of differing purposes.  Our best-selling brand is Poppies, which supply a massive range of different folds and plys; colour preference is usually determined by the type of environment, event or function on a stereotypical basis.  If you are not sure which type of napkin is most appropriate for your requirement why not give us a call?

Napkins can be purchased in regular domestic or industrial volume quantities.

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£41.08 exc VAT

White Napkins 33cm 2ply 4-fold (16x125)

Product Code: NAPWH3324

£26.95 exc VAT

White Napkins 40cm 2ply 4-fold (16x125)

Product Code: NAPWH4024

£38.95 exc VAT

White Napkins 40cm 3ply 8-fold (10x100)

Product Code: NAPWH4038

£34.95 exc VAT

Black Napkins 23cm 2ply - 4-fold (4000)

Product Code: NAPBK2424

£38.75 exc VAT

White Napkins 24cm 2ply 4-fold (4000)

Product Code: NAPWH2424

£34.99 exc VAT

White Napkins 40cm 2ply 8-fold (16x125)

Product Code: NAPWH4028

£38.95 exc VAT
£48.95 exc VAT
£34.00 exc VAT
£44.95 exc VAT
£58.95 exc VAT
£41.08 exc VAT