High-Level Cleaning

When carrying out cleaning chores, particularly in a domestic environment, one area is often overlooked: up! 

Many cleaners do not feel sufficiently comfortable, or perhaps motivated, to climb a ladder in order to clean ceilings, covings, chandeliers, light fittings or fans, and, with our range of cleaning accessories, they don't need to.  From dusters of varying types to brushes and pole attachments, we can offer you a solution to your challenging cleaning task - if you can't find it here, give us a call.

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Unger StarDuster Cobweb

Product Code: COBW0

£8.67 exc VAT
£20.62 exc VAT

Unger StarDuster® WallBrush

Product Code: WALB0

£22.47 exc VAT

StarDuster ProFlex 75

Product Code: PXD7G

£26.82 exc VAT
£16.77 exc VAT

Unger FIXI Universal Clamp

Product Code: W062

£26.93 exc VAT
£22.66 exc VAT
£2.95 exc VAT
£17.11 exc VAT
£43.31 exc VAT