Car Cleaning Accessories

Many of us are content with a bucket, rag and sponge for cleaning our car, but if you don't use the right type of accessory to apply solution, wax or buffing, you are probably, over time, causing subtle yet permanent damage to your car's paintwork.

Our valeting industry professional products feature a range of accessories for all stages of the valeting routine, for both inside and outside.

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£7.99 exc VAT
£7.99 exc VAT
£7.99 exc VAT
£7.99 exc VAT

MicroGlass 40cm x 40cm (Pack of 10)

Product Code: W125/10

£13.21 exc VAT
£4.35 exc VAT

Giant Wash Mitts

Product Code: DB400

£3.95 exc VAT
£1.40 exc VAT