Commercial Dish Washer Liquid

Dishwashing is one of the most mundane of domestic chores - in professional catering it is possibly the biggest element of the work!  As well as stocking the usual, much-loved household brands, we also supply large quantities of the most effective professional dishwashing products for industrial use throughout a wide range of establishments.

Our range includes, as well as all of the essential accessories, products for industrial dishwashers (including their maintenance), from top brands such as Clover Chemicals.

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Clover Premium RINSE AID 5litre

Product Code: C132/5

£9.16 exc VAT
£10.95 exc VAT
£7.31 exc VAT
£35.95 exc VAT
£26.87 exc VAT

Ecover Washing Up Liquid 450ml (single)

Product Code: ECCA30/450ML

£2.35 exc VAT
£23.75 exc VAT