Air Movers

Air Movers circulate a concentrated flow of air over a floor surface in order to speed up drying times following leaks and floods, cleaning, decorating and construction work. 

These air movers can be used on both hard floors and carpets. They can be transported easily from job to job and used as required in order to dry floors and carpets. 

They feature tough outer casings and efficient internal fans which provide great airflow over the surface to increase moisture evaporation.

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Prochem Aqua-Dri Air Mover

Product Code: PRMA10

£327.25 exc VAT

Viper BV3 Blower

Product Code: VIMA06

£213.00 exc VAT

Truvox Hybrid Blower 3400

Product Code: TRHB3400

£364.34 exc VAT

Truvox Air Mover

Product Code: TV-AM3000

£362.19 exc VAT

Truvox Axial Fan

Product Code: TV-AF

£597.01 exc VAT