Indoor System Accessories

Indoor window cleaning systems are water- or steam-based, and we can supply accessories for the best of both.

If you are one of the growing number of users of Unger, Karcher and Streamline indoor window cleaning systems, such as the Ecoshine, Dragonfly and Stingray ranges, we have an increasing catalogue of accessories in stock.

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Unger Padholder 20cm

Product Code: PHH20

£21.29 exc VAT

Unger Microfibre Cleaning Pad

Product Code: PHL20

£5.92 exc VAT
£7.11 exc VAT
£56.49 exc VAT
£48.72 exc VAT
£11.88 exc VAT

Microfibre Scrub Mop - 30cm

Product Code: V549128GS

£11.88 exc VAT
£9.18 exc VAT