Cleaning Accessories

You've got your cleaning chemicals, but have you got your accessories? From microfiber cloths and heavy-duty gloves to mops and cleaning trolleys, we offer everything you need to tackle any cleaning task with confidence.

Our products

Gloves and PPE
Choose from a variety of durable gloves for different cleaning tasks, including disposable, gloves, and heavy-duty work gloves.
Cloths and dusters
Sponges, microfibre cloths, vehicle cleaning and many more.
Dusters and brushware
Reach every nook and cranny with our selection of dusters and brushes, from microfiber dusters for delicate surfaces to heavy-duty brushes for scrubbing floors.
Mops and buckets
Find the perfect mop and bucket combination for your specific needs, whether you require socket mops, Kentucky mops and flat maps.
Cleaning bins and trolleys
Maintain a clean and organised workspace with our selection of waste bins and cleaning trolleys designed for easy waste disposal and equipment transportation.
And much more
Explore our diverse inventory to discover essential accessories like squeegees, sponges, safety signs, and many more items to complete your cleaning toolkit.


Interested in a bulk order? Save by buying your cleaning accessories in bulk. We offer also competitively priced delivery across the UK.