Handheld Brushes

Our vast collection of hand-held brushes is suitable for a variety of different tasks across a wide range of professions.  As well as general purpose brushes we also stock wire brushes for loosening masonry, nail-cleaning brushes, tampico upholstery brushes, sink brushes and grout cleaning brushes, amongst many others. 

We highly recommend that you do not use a stiff-bristle brush on any type of surface unless you are certain it will not cause damage.  If you are in any doubt about which brush is suitable for your cleaning job please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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Grippy Scrub, stiff - blue

Product Code: HY006B

£6.26 exc VAT

Grippy Scrub, stiff - green

Product Code: HY006G

£6.26 exc VAT

Grippy Scrub, stiff - red

Product Code: HY006R

£6.26 exc VAT

Grippy Scrub, stiff - yellow

Product Code: HY006Y

£6.26 exc VAT
£10.53 exc VAT
£10.53 exc VAT

Prochem Velvet Boffin Brush

Product Code: C097

£9.78 exc VAT

Prochem Spotting Brush

Product Code: C104

£3.36 exc VAT

Nylon hand brush for carpets

Product Code: C106

£6.44 exc VAT
£4.02 exc VAT

Grout Brush Stiff (Blue)

Product Code: B1606

£3.96 exc VAT
£4.62 exc VAT