Bulk Fill 5litre Soaps

Bulk fill Soaps are used to fill wall mounted dispensers and smaller pump bottle.  Alternatively, you can add a pelican pump to a 5litre and use it directly from the 5litre drum.

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£11.95 exc VAT
£9.78 exc VAT

Carex ORIGINAL Handwash 5litre

Product Code: H018/5L

£16.99 exc VAT
£9.18 exc VAT

Fresco Foam Hand Soap 5litre

Product Code: H080/5L

£13.23 exc VAT
£11.50 exc VAT

Sea Kelp Luxury Hand Wash 5litre

Product Code: SFS75

£17.99 exc VAT
£12.32 exc VAT
£13.49 exc VAT

Silver Buckthorn Hand Wash 5litre

Product Code: SFS15

£17.99 exc VAT