Carpet Deodorisers and Neutralisers

Smells caused by pets, accidents and urine can cause lasting damage to your carpet, unless treated quickly with the correct product.

We stock a wide range of carpet deodorizers and neutralizers, from brands including Prochem, Craftex, HG Hagesan and Clover Chemicals, for domestic and commercial premises alike.  Don't hesitate to give us a call to find out which product is the most suitable for your problem.

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£17.43 exc VAT
£7.01 exc VAT

Prochem Clensan 1litre trigger spray

Product Code: B125/1L

£6.76 exc VAT

Prochem Clensan 5litre

Product Code: B125/5

£21.21 exc VAT

Craftex Kill Odour 5litre

Product Code: CR0024

£11.72 exc VAT
£58.44 exc VAT
£18.66 exc VAT
£12.63 exc VAT

2SAN Fibre Fresh Rinse 5litre

Product Code: CR0029

£10.11 exc VAT

Prochem Urine Neutraliser 5litre

Product Code: B153/5

£11.86 exc VAT

Craftex Lavender Fresh 5litre

Product Code: CR0079

£12.63 exc VAT

Prochem Lemon Refresh 1litre

Product Code: B117

£15.73 exc VAT