Carpet and Fabric Protectors

Whether it is in a business premises or a domestic household, your carpet and upholstery will last much longer when it is properly protected against dirt, rust, oil, wine, grease and all other types of spillage.

We stock carpet and fabric protectors designed to comprehensively protect, as well as those which are specifically created for environments where a particular type of soiling is a specific problem.  Brands include Prochem, Craftex, HG Hagesan and Clover Chemicals.

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£18.06 exc VAT
£12.96 exc VAT

Prochem Fibresafe Gold 4kilo

Product Code: S780

£49.94 exc VAT
£10.16 exc VAT
£9.14 exc VAT

2SAN Fabric Protector 5litre 0031

Product Code: CR0031

£44.79 exc VAT

Prochem Fabric Seal 5litre

Product Code: B128

£74.16 exc VAT
£24.11 exc VAT

Prochem Shockaway 5litre

Product Code: B194

£16.36 exc VAT

Prochem Fluoroseal CF

Product Code: B130-05

£38.46 exc VAT