Floor Grout Care

If there is one surface which is not compatible with the wrong type of product it is grout - try to compromise and it ends up more unsightly than it was in the first place, particularly if regularly exposed to moisture.

As well as task-specific chemicals from brands including HG Hagesan, we also stock brushes and accessories to make the job as easy as possible.

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£4.02 exc VAT

Grout Brush Stiff (Blue)

Product Code: B1606

£3.96 exc VAT

HG Grout Cleaner 500ml

Product Code: HG011/500ML

£5.75 exc VAT

Grout Brush Handle ALH7

Product Code: GRO001H

£10.37 exc VAT

Grout Scrub Brush ( ST11B )

Product Code: GRO001B

£10.13 exc VAT

Tile Scrub 8-inch Brush

Product Code: HY008B

£13.95 exc VAT