Window Cleaning Buckets

If you are a professional window cleaner, choosing the correct bucket is as important as any other tool in your kit.  You will be holding it all day, putting it under relentless stress of weight, and you simply can't afford to let it fail you.  Any old bucket will not do!

Just like the rest of our professional window cleaning range, we stock a large selection of buckets specially designed for the purpose, from top quality brands including Unger and Ettore.

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Unger NINJA Bucket-on-a-Belt

Product Code: W052B

£26.24 inc VAT
£20.39 inc VAT
£10.30 inc VAT

Sieve with hooks for Big Bucket

Product Code: W079S

£17.04 inc VAT

Unger Bucket-on-a-Belt Classic

Product Code: W052STD

£26.24 inc VAT

Unger Large Green Oblong Bucket 28litre

Product Code: W079BUCKET

£30.52 inc VAT