Washer Sleeves

Washer sleeves generally come in standard sizes, and are generally compatible.  But, for best results, we always recommend fitting your T-bar with the most suitable washer sleeve, which generally means the accompanying product from the same range or brand.

If you have already purchased your T-bar, have a tried and trusted companion, or maybe are even superstitious about your tools, we can offer a massive range of top quality sleeves from window cleaning industry leaders Unger and Ettore.  Our catalogue includes the standard, Pad Strip, Ninja and best-selling Monsoon sleeve.

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Unger Original 10-inch Sleeve

Product Code: W042

£9.80 inc VAT

Unger Original 14-inch Sleeve

Product Code: W043

£11.11 inc VAT

Unger Original 18-inch Sleeve

Product Code: W044/18

£12.97 inc VAT

Unger Monsoon 6-inch Sleeve

Product Code: W045/6

£11.69 inc VAT

Unger Monsoon 10-inch Sleeve

Product Code: W048

£11.93 inc VAT

Unger Monsoon 14-inch Sleeve

Product Code: W045/14

£14.10 inc VAT

Unger Monsoon 18-inch Sleeve

Product Code: W046

£16.46 inc VAT

Unger Microstrip 10-inch Sleeve

Product Code: W164

£13.25 inc VAT

Unger MicroStrip Sleeve 14-inch

Product Code: W121

£15.67 inc VAT

Unger Microstrip Sleeve 18-inch

Product Code: W135

£18.26 inc VAT

Microstrip sleeve 22-inch

Product Code: W155

£21.59 inc VAT

Unger Pad Strip 14-inch Sleeve

Product Code: W137/14

£14.52 inc VAT