Kitchen Cleaning Accessories

Whether at home or in a large industrial setting, products and accessories for cleaning the kitchen probably fill most of your cleaning cupboard.  Kitchen cleaning accessories encompasses a wide range of items, none less important than the other.

Gloves, mops, cloths, sponges, scourers and many, many more items can be found on these pages

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£2.58 inc VAT
£4.26 inc VAT

Tuffguy SPONGE SCOURERS 14x9cm (10)

Product Code: S004/10

£4.14 inc VAT
£9.83 inc VAT
£35.94 inc VAT

Hand Held Pad Gripper 230x95mm

Product Code: F070

£12.90 inc VAT

Dish Brush - YELLOW

Product Code: HY013Y

£4.33 inc VAT

Erasall Pads (Pack of 10)

Product Code: S006E

£6.30 inc VAT