T-bars for domestic and professional use come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and we stock the best of them.

From top quality industry leaders Unger and Ettore, we offer standard, comfort and ergonomic T-bars in a variety of sizes, from a range to suit all budgets.

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6-inch Aluminium T-Bar

Product Code: W045T

£6.41 inc VAT

Unger Ninja T-Bar 25cm / 10-inch

Product Code: NI250

£17.26 inc VAT
£8.50 inc VAT
£17.82 inc VAT
£17.98 inc VAT

Ettore Pro-Grip T-bar 14-inch

Product Code: ETHA03

£6.60 inc VAT

18-inch/45cm T-Bar

Product Code: TBAR18

£6.53 inc VAT

Swivel Strip T-bar 18-inch

Product Code: W133

£18.53 inc VAT
£18.68 inc VAT

Aluminium T-Bar 22-inch

Product Code: W156

£10.50 inc VAT
£19.40 inc VAT

Unger T-Bar 22-inch Aluminium

Product Code: W044/22T

£10.50 inc VAT