Glue and Chewing Gum Remover

There can be very few things as annoying as getting chewing gum stuck on the carpet, whether it be the carpet in your home, the lobby of a theatre or hotel, or a retail outlet.  Many domestic cleaners and professionals alike have theories and wives' tales about the best methods to remove it.

In reality, the only proper way to remove chewing gum from the carpet is with the correct chewing gum removal products and accessories, from industry experts such as Prochem, Craftex and HG Hagesan.

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Prochem Citrus Gel 1litre

Product Code: E840

£17.95 inc VAT

Prochem Solvall Spotter 1litre

Product Code: B123/1L

£28.51 inc VAT
£14.06 inc VAT

Chewing Gum Perforator

Product Code: CA3401

£28.20 inc VAT

Tar & Glue Remover 5litre

Product Code: C016

£23.70 inc VAT
£4.87 inc VAT