Dusters are available in a variety of forms, each with its own particular task, and associated strength or weakness.

For hand-held level dusting and furniture polishing, we stock professional and domestic yellow dusters, while the ever-popular, traditionally-styled lambswool "feather" duster is ideal for getting into those corners and crevices, as well as underneath furniture; if that won't do the job, we stock a range of Unger fan-blade dusters, soft brushes and highly flexible, flat, professional dusters.

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Unger StarDuster Cobweb

Product Code: COBW0

£10.40 inc VAT
£27.19 inc VAT
£4.07 inc VAT
£3.30 inc VAT
£20.53 inc VAT
£51.97 inc VAT

Starduster Ostrich Feather Duster

Product Code: FEDU0

£22.03 inc VAT
£5.10 inc VAT