Coffee and Food Stain Removal

Tea and coffee stains are amongst the most common, and perhaps the most troublesome, carpet and upholstery spillages.  You may be tempted to simply scrub and absorb over and over, but that will never completely rid you of these most enduring of stains, particularly if your fabric is light in colour.

Food is another common source of carpet staining, as anybody with children will tell you; particularly troublesome is if that food contains greasy ingredients.  The brands we recommend most highly for removing tea and coffee stains, whether in the home, or in the food service or care industries, are HG Hagesan, Prochem and Craftex.

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£10.15 inc VAT
£6.97 inc VAT

Prochem Red Rx 1litre

Product Code: E400

£19.13 inc VAT
£26.26 inc VAT
£8.11 inc VAT

Craftex Pre-Enzyme Solution 5litre

Product Code: CR0042

£18.19 inc VAT
£8.41 inc VAT

Energybrite 3kg

Product Code: CR0063

£25.91 inc VAT
£21.78 inc VAT
£12.96 inc VAT
£10.15 inc VAT