Washroom Cleaners and Sanitizers

Our washroom sanitizing cleaners are created for a variety of environments, both domestic and professional.  

From bathroom floors in your home, to body-fat reducing acid cleaners, designed for use in public changing rooms and swimming pools, we keep a large range in stock, from loved household names such as Mr Muscle, Cif and Toilet Duck, to commercial brands including Clover Chemicals and Selden.

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£2.86 inc VAT
£9.12 inc VAT
£25.62 inc VAT

Spray and wipe with bleach 6x750ml

Product Code: B001/750

£15.00 inc VAT

Versan - Surface Disinfectant 750ml

Product Code: C312/750ML/E

£5.10 inc VAT

Versan - Surface Disinfectant 6x750ml

Product Code: C312/750ML

£26.34 inc VAT
£16.58 inc VAT
£8.59 inc VAT

Prochem Clensan 1litre trigger spray

Product Code: B125/1L

£8.11 inc VAT

Prochem Clensan 5litre

Product Code: B125/5

£25.45 inc VAT
£19.74 inc VAT