Washroom Problem Solvers

The cleaning challenges encountered in your washroom can be problematic and varied.  From mould and mildew to limescale and body fat, we stock a wide range of products from domestic and professional brands including Clover Chemicals and HG Hagesan, to easily overcome the task.  

We also stock less common products and accessories such as acid wash, sink plungers and grout brushes.

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HG Mould Spray 500ml

Product Code: HG052/500ML

£8.18 inc VAT
£49.62 inc VAT
£17.96 inc VAT
£4.82 inc VAT

Grout Brush Stiff (Blue)

Product Code: B1606

£4.75 inc VAT

HG Grout Cleaner 500ml

Product Code: HG011/500ML

£6.90 inc VAT

HG Silicon Remover 100ml

Product Code: HG040/100ML

£11.94 inc VAT
£10.99 inc VAT

Breaker Cleaner / Descaler 5litre

Product Code: SW002/5

£17.00 inc VAT
£46.40 inc VAT
£5.70 inc VAT
£4.02 inc VAT