Procter and Gamble manufactures some of the best-loved household names for cleaning products, including Flash and Fairy Liquid.  Complex Cleaning stocks a selection of the most popular lines in professional-buy volumes.

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Fairy Liquid 900ml (single)

Product Code: FAI004/E

£3.91 inc VAT

Fairy Liquid 6x900ml

Product Code: FAI004/900

£22.10 inc VAT

Fairy Liquid Professional 5litre

Product Code: FAI002

£21.84 inc VAT

Flash Professional OCEAN 5litre

Product Code: F068CF/5L

£17.94 inc VAT
£3.59 inc VAT

Milton Sanitiser 5litre

Product Code: C296

£18.50 inc VAT

Viakal Descaler POURER 10x500ml

Product Code: T102/500

£27.58 inc VAT

Lenor Professional Sea Breeze 4litre

Product Code: L006SB/4L

£15.59 inc VAT

Ariel Bio Washing Powder 100washes

Product Code: L007P/100

£39.59 inc VAT

Ariel Regular Liquitabs (pack of 50)

Product Code: L007POD/50

£23.99 inc VAT

Deepio Powdered Degreaser 6kilo

Product Code: C200/6K

£23.27 inc VAT

Deepio Degreaser Spray 750ml

Product Code: C200/750ML

£3.59 inc VAT