Oil and Grease Stain Cleaning Products

One stain family almost guaranteed to ruin your carpet and upholstery is oil and grease.  No matter how many times you scrub it, however hard, without using the right stain removal product, it is a safe bet that oily spill will always leave a mark.

We have grease and oil stain products for scrubbing, spotting, pre-spraying and extraction cleaning, from specialist brands including Prochem, Craftex and HG Hagesan.

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Prochem Citrus Gel 1litre

Product Code: E840

£17.95 inc VAT

Prochem Solvex 1litre

Product Code: A277

£35.95 inc VAT

Prochem Solvall Spotter 1litre

Product Code: B123/1L

£28.51 inc VAT
£26.26 inc VAT
£19.02 inc VAT
£14.06 inc VAT
£12.96 inc VAT

Craftex Degreaser (5litre)

Product Code: CR0017

£20.14 inc VAT
£34.18 inc VAT
£64.21 inc VAT

Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster

Product Code: CR0067

£19.85 inc VAT