Multi-Purpose Cleaners

For professional cleaners, it is an important part of a comprehensive cleaning cupboard; for many of its domestic users, it is the most commonly applied (and in some cases, the only) product they use for their cleaning routine.  One thing is certain - the multi-purpose cleaner is an extremely effective and versatile cleaning chemical, which can be applied to most surfaces including floors, worktops and tiles.

Most well-known cleaning brands offer their own multi-surface cleaner, and we supply the best, in ready-to-use trigger sprays and concentrated industrial volumes.

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£11.70 inc VAT
£12.78 inc VAT
£4.79 inc VAT

GermiSan Cleaner & Sanitiser RTU 6x750ml

Product Code: QGERRTU750

£17.99 inc VAT

GermiSan Cleaner & Sanitiser RTU 5litre

Product Code: QGERRTU5L

£10.14 inc VAT

TopIt sanitising cleaner 6x750ml

Product Code: IT030/750

£20.34 inc VAT

TopIt sanitising cleaner 750ml (single)

Product Code: IT030/750/E

£3.54 inc VAT
£22.50 inc VAT

Quattro Q-Max Blue Heavy duty 5litre

Product Code: QMAXBLU5L

£11.40 inc VAT
£8.87 inc VAT