Metal Polish

Metal polish is ideal for wide range of tasks in both the domestic and professional markets.  We feature a wide range of metal cleaning products suitable for silver, brass, stainless steel and more.

Our brands are the most effective and most popular, and include ready-to-use sprays, creams and waddings, as well as industrial size quantities for commercial use and resale.

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£5.10 inc VAT

Clover Metaglynt Metal Polish 300ml

Product Code: M009/300ML

£7.50 inc VAT

Brasso Liquid 1litre

Product Code: M008L/1LT/E

£14.70 inc VAT

Silvo Tarnish Guard Polish 8x175ml

Product Code: M050/175

£38.56 inc VAT

Duraglit Brasso Wadding 75g

Product Code: M008/E

£5.94 inc VAT

Brasso Liquid 8x175ml

Product Code: M008L

£39.54 inc VAT

Brasso Liquid 6x1litre

Product Code: M008L/1LT

£81.54 inc VAT

Brasso Liquid 175ml

Product Code: M008L/E

£5.58 inc VAT

Duraglit Brasso Wadding 6x75g

Product Code: M008/75

£33.00 inc VAT

Silvo Tarnish Guard Polish 175ml

Product Code: M050/E

£5.40 inc VAT