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Our old website was in a desparate need of a make over!  So we set out to to make a website that would do more than just 

give products.  We wanted to give our customers a platform that will make ordering far more simple and one that was quick to use.


We have loaded our entire range onto the site and if you are not already a trade customer of Complex Cleaning Supplies you can place your order and simply pay at the check out using a variety of payment methods, including American Express and PayPal.


Where the site will be really useful to our clients, if that we have created a favourite items section and when you log in to your account your favourite items can appear.  Meaning that you don't have to go through the site everytime to complete your order.  For clients who have multiple sites we can tailor the favourite item list to your individual site. This is handy if you use different products in different sites!  If you do have a trade account with us when you place an order on the website the order will be sent directly to us and placed directly on your account.  


We have have also added a comprehensive range of office supplies to the site and we are planning to add even more products to make our website a real one stop shop.


If you have any questions please call our Customer Service Team on 01923 839 039.