DI filters are compact and portable resin-filled water filtration tanks, designed for use by professional and commercial window cleaners with a water-fed system.

Our filters come in a range of different specs and capacities, some incorporating a cart for manoeuvrability, and others pumps and TDI meters.  They are manufactured by top professional window-cleaning brands Streamline and Unger.  Please call us if you need any further information, on 01923 839039.

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£174.96 inc VAT
£174.96 inc VAT

Reverse Osmosis Membrane 4x40

Product Code: S.MRO-40

£626.40 inc VAT
£16.31 inc VAT

10-inch Carbon Block

Product Code: T.CF10-F

£38.77 inc VAT

Hydropower DI Valve

Product Code: 18330

£20.52 inc VAT